Thursday, March 18, 2010


This is my brother-in-law.

Isn't he precious? I have started referring to him as "Yoda." You'll see why in a minute.
"Yoda" is madly in love and married to my sister, Elisabeth.

Aren't they sickningly sweet?

For Christmas this year my family decided to forgo buying each other presents and make each other presents instead. Yoda is one of those "car guys." I'm pretty sure he knows everything about cars. Since Yoda knows how utterly inept I am in the car department, for Christmas last year his gift to me was to teach me everything he can about cars so that if at all possible I can avoid being stranded in the jungle when I move to Africa. My gift FOR him was to let hime teach me about cars (without being distracted by tv, magazines or the computer.......Elisabeth...). I think I got the better end of the deal. For that reason, I will now refer to him as "Yoda" because I am his willing student as he teaches me all things "CAR."

Last night was our first "car session." I got to use the tool box that he suggested I buy at a great "after Thanksgiving sale" last year. He successfully taught me how to change the lightbulbs that were out in my blinker and brake lights and how to change the wiperblades. Yeah yeah, baby steps, baby steps. This weekend we're going to the junkyard to find some more parts to do some more "car stuff."

Now I have to tell you. Elisabeth did really really well when she married this guy. He is so sweet. He has spent hours researching different things that I may want to get for my Jeep in order to make it last longer and run better in Africa. Things like....larger radiators, new springs and shocks...etc. (I'm sure I'll understand more of what that means after a few more lessons). I've had to break it to him that while I really appreciate that he doesn't want me stranded in the jungle (and I completely agree with him) it's not in my budget to spend thousands of dollars on car parts. For one thing, I've already sent one Jeep over there....and it was stolen. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that I need to hold onto things loosely! I was a little worried that he wouldn't understand because...well....he's a car guy. They're really into cars. But last night he put my worries at ease. In additon to teaching me about cars, he told me that he's looking into ways to finance these car upgrades becasue he understands that they're not my top priority. Phew. What a great guy!!

THANKS AARON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yeah, he is a pretty special guy... :0)

    PS If he sees that last picture on here he is going to kill you!

  2. I'm pretty proud of my little girl although scared to death to let her go over to Sierra Leone alone....I guess she'll take Jesus though. Jesus, please take care of her when I can't!

  3. When are you leaving Emily?

  4. Well,hoping to leave in the early fall. It's contingent on quite a few things though, so we'll see! :)