Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So! In order for me to move to Sierra Leone I have to raise financial support. I'm essentially asking people to pay for me to live and work in Sierra Leone. Although I already suspected, I have realized that this is not my forte'. I have always been pretty self-sufficient and don't love asking for help. God has really had to...and is continuing to change my attitude about this. And I've already started to be so incredibly blessed!!!

A couple weeks ago, shortly after I sent out my letters we had a little Sierra Leone Reunion at my parents house. A friend of mine came up to me and told me a story. She had been praying over the last week and felt the Lord impressing a monetary amount on her heart. She didn't know what it meant but wanted to use it for Africa. Two days after this experience she got my letter which had several different suggested amounts on it (you know how those little cards are...) Anyway, she said "ah ha!" and she and her husband are going to support me with that amount! I have no idea what the amount is for...and it doesn't even matter. It was just such such such an encouragement to me and a little reminder that I'm not alone in this and that God is going to provide what I need!

Fast forward about 3-4 weeks. Until today, I had yet to receive one written response to the many letters that I sent out. I've had several people tell me verbally that they were going to support me and that was awesome! But there was something about getting a little written response that I was waiting for. When I told some friends of mine that I was still waiting for my first response, they said they would send theirs in. I told them "just mark the "I'll pray for Emily box"...that's all I want! (And they're just those sort of sweet). Anyway, today my Dad called and told me that he checked the mail and my first response arrived! I was expecting it to be from my friends who told me they'd be sending theirs in...but it wasn't! It was from a couple in my church....who I know are definitely giving to me sacrificially! I couldn't believe it! Ok, you might have suspected...but I did get a little teary eyed! I am just so thankful.

While I was in that waiting period...and starting to get a little concerned, wondering how I will ever raise what I need, I was concentrating on not getting discouraged but continuing to believe that if God has called me to this, He will provide. I know myself! I know that it is so easy for me to rejoice when things are going as planned and when God's doing what I want...but not so easy when I don't clearly see Him working. Anyway...kind of a random post but I was just so excited that this is becoming a reality that I had to say something! :)

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