Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Go Fight Win Team!!!!

Last week I got to fulfill a 2-3 year long dream of mine by fulfilling a lifelong dream that my husband….may or may not have known he had.  I’ve never really been much of a sports fan, but when I started dating Peter I was introduced to soccer.  The world’s favorite sport.  In an effort to foster an interest in what “some” might call the world’s slowest moving sport (I mean… 90+ minutes with a score of 0-0?)  I asked about his favorite team.  The Tottenham Hotspurs.  Actually, his choice in teams made me like him a little more.  I knew nothing about Tottenham but when he told me one of the reasons he liked them was because they weren’t the most popular team with the most money, I found in him a kindred spirit.  I haven’t watched a full baseball game in years but still have an unexplained LOATHING for the NY Yankees.  I love the underdogs. 

As we started to get ready for our first trip back to the States the thought crossed my mind, “Wouldn’t that be awesome if, during our layover in London we could go see a Tottenham game?!?!?!”  Peter just loves this team!!!  After my first visit home without him I bought him a study Bible and a Tottenham hat.  He literally told me “Emily, it’s like you know my soul.”  Last Christmas I got him a Tottenham jersey and my quiet, softspoken husband turned into a giddy kid again when he saw what it was.  Tickets to a game would just be awesome!

But as I investigated, it was too complicated.  We would need visas for Marie and Peter to be able to leave the airport, even for 24 hours.  This mean application, interview (which was 7 hours away) and several hundred dollars.  Then we needed a hotel, transportation, etc (as well as paying quite a bit for a ticket that a six year old would really not be able to appreciate....and would probably be asking to leave about 20 min. in). 

Then I found out about international friendly games!!! And last summer I found out that Tottenham was playing Seattle IN SEATTLE on July 13!  Unfortunately I found this out on July 16th.  SO BUMMED!!!!  So when I realized we were going to be here again this summer I started looking around.  And sure enough! Tottenham was playing in the US again!  But it was in Denver.  I calculated it out and just couldn’t justify spending that kind of money…on a soccer game.  But then my sister moved to New Mexico.  And she’s about to deliver her third baby. And she doesn’t know anyone in New Mexico.  Which means….either she’ll deliver her baby alone while her husband stays at home with the kids, or she’ll bring her 2 and 4 year old to her delivery.  Neither sounded like great options. 

So Peter and I talked about it and decided to drive down to New Mexico so we could be there to watch her kiddos when her “time came.”  And wouldn’t you know….their town in NM is a mere 7 hour drive from Denver. And the dates were just about perfect.  So Peter’s Anniversary/Fathers Day present….tickets to a Tottenham game. My crazy, AWESOME,  9 month pregnant sister said she'd keep BOTH our kids for us.

This was Peter's reaction when I told him "Show me how excited you are!!"  It's his impression of "jazz hands."  Also, he said he was showing that the score was going to be 5-0.
We got to the stadium just a little early....

The Tottenham Hotspurs vs. the MSL All-Stars.  When I bought the tickets I called the stadium to find out where the "other" team fans sit.  Tottenham fans were VASTLY outnumbered....but they were rowdy! I never knew that there were team songs, team chants, etc.  But we heard it all!  At a very loud decibel!! Many times!!  At some point during all the singing and clapping, Peter came out of the bathroom laughing because a rather intoxicated man in the bathroom was proudly yelling that he was "peeing with no hands" so he could continue the clapping during the chant.  Oh sports fans.....

The All-Stars got the first point.
But then we scored!!!

Unfortunately Tottenham wasn't able to pull off the win and we lost 2-1.  But it was a good game and we made some good memories!  Thanks for keeping the kids Lis!!  New Baby can come any time now!!!