Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer School

This summer has been a world wind of activity!! One of my greatest adventures happened in Canada. (Oh Canada.....(singing the Canadian anthem in my head right now. Feel free to sing along)). I got to spend two amazing weeks in Victoria BC learning about tropical medicine. Isn't it beautiful?

I stayed in a cabin on this river, met some amazing people and got to learn how to do things like help a woman give birth in the middle of nowhere, stitch up lacerations and all sorts of other cool things. While the learning part was fun, I think my favorite part was getting to spend time with some missionaries who had spent the last 40 years on the mission field. They just loved Jesus so much, were so humble, and had such amazing stories about how God had worked in their lives throughout the years. It was such a HUGE encouragement. I'm looking forward to having more stories like that myself someday! :)
There was one part that wasn't sooo much fun. Since I became a nurse I have had the unfortunate "pleasure" of putting NG tubes (tubes from the nose to the stomach) in many a patient. However, I've never had the "pleasure" of one myself. So when I was given the opportunity to let someone practice putting one in my nose at this class, I decided to go for it. Always good to be able to empathize with your patients...right? Yeah....

Getting ready.......

Not loving it.....but Justin's doing a great job! All done!!
After this I understand completely why my patients pull these tubes out even when I politely ask them not to. :) You'll have to tie my hands down if I ever need one of these.
It was a great class and I learned so much! It made me really excited to get over to Sierra Leone and use the skills that I've learned. I'm at 30% of my support raised so I'm excited. Only 70% more to go. Thank you Jesus!!

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  1. Yuck!! But you are such a good medical person to actually want to do that.
    We were wondering how your support raising was going and what your plans look like! Super exciting!