Saturday, December 4, 2010

Leeeeeeavin'.....On A Jet Plane.......

Well, I did it. After years and years and months and days and many minutes of waiting, I bought my one-way ticket to Sierra Leone. :) Of course I had to document my experience!

Since my date is now set in was time to do some shopping! After months of saving, Black Friday was upon me!I convinced my mom to go with me..... as any seasoned Black Friday shopper knows that you need a buddy to stand in with you!So 4am comes and we are ready for our Shopping Extravaganza!! Sure, I needed pots, pans, towels, etc but what was it that inspired me to wake up at that horrific hour, fight the crowds and stand in line for over an hour??????? What could it possibly be????
Why FIVE seasons of "The Office" of course!! I'll need a little something to remind me of home won't I??? And who could resist the deal?? Not me! Well worth standing in the wrong line for quite a while before we found out...and were subsequently moved to the back of a different line. Oh Black Friday.....

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