Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's a Christmas Miracle!

More adventures in Sierra Leone! I just got back from a quick little trip with 14 other people. We did a medical clinic in an village called Gbangbatok (I think that finally at the end of the trip I could pronounce it right...maybe). I know myself well enough that when I got home and couldn't really think of anything but moving to Sierra Leone...I wasn't surprised. My appetite has been whetted! :)
I had a couple awesome things happen while I was over there. After arriving the first night, we were waiting at the ferry. (They designed the airport on a penninusla so you have to take a ridiculously rough road or a ferry to get to the airport. Super convenient!) Anyway, this woman came up to one of the other team members and started talking to her like they were friends. It took a few minutes, but she realized that she was mistaking her for someone else. We started talking and I found out she and her husband are doctors and work in a hospital up north. I was a little hesitant but went for it and told her my plans to move there and need for experience. She gave me her card and we went our separate ways. Fast forward to the end of the trip. I e-mailed her as soon as I got home and she was excited about the possiblity of me coming there too. She said they've been praying for someone to come help with the OB clinic.

OB. Not my strong point. At all. My background is ICU nursing and generally when we see a prego patient we run for the hills! However! Maternal and neonatal mortality is a huge problem in Sierra Leone so it's an area that I really need to grow in! The hospital that this woman works at was rated the "safest place to have a baby in Sierra Leone" and they have a huge emphasis on women and children. I'm really really really excited about this possibility. She told me that she doesn't think our meeting was an accident and I hope she's right. Is this where you're leading me Jesus? We'll see!

What else? Oh. I must really be getting old because this was the first time I've been referred to as "mother." Really? 28 and instead of "auntie" I get "mother?" Ouch! I guess I have pulled out 7 grey hairs.....

I finished my little prayer cards today. You know, the ones you hang on your refrigerator? They don't exactly look......pofessional. But when God was dishing out the creativity he decided to be stingy with me! I'm working on my prayer letter to send out as well. My goal is to get it sent out by next week. I'm excited to see what kind of response I get. I think one of the things I'm most nervous about is feeling like I'm doing this alone. I know that my friends and family will support me though, and that's super encouraging!

Well, guess that's it for now. Keep on keeping on.....Sierra Leone here I come!

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