Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You got me rolling......

Well, one more step in my move to Africa. I dragged my brother-in-law (my designated "car guy") along with me to look at a Jeep to ship over to Africa. We are planning to ship a container to Sierra Leone in May and I wanted to send a car along ahead of me so it will be waiting whenever I get there! After searching Autotrader and Craigs List for months, we found this one and got a pretty good deal. My only real requirement was that it is in good enough condition to not break down in the middle of the jungle. I know there are no guarantees.....but hopefully this is the one.

The next steps involve many lessons in learning how to maintain it. Aaron (my brother-in-law) has agreed to teach me how to work on my car so I can fix any and every problem that I ever encounter! Ok....probably not EVERY problem! I'm really blessed to have him help me and look forward to getting my hands dirty and learning about things like....tork...combustion...."regular maintenance" and other such foreign concepts.

Hopefully I will get to use my Sierra Leonean drivers license soon! :)


  1. Ok, is the title of this post a nod to the song "riding dirty"? I wasn't sure that you knew this song but your uncanny ability to misquote song lyrics (The song starts with "they see me rolling") made me think you were trying to harness your inner Chamillionaire.

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