Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We have solar!!

A couple years ago I was hanging out with a missionary couple who had been on the field for years. They told me that the most common reason for missionaries to leave the other missionaries. Since that time I've repeated that statistic to multiple missionaries and more often than not get the response "oh, I believe that!!" Fortunately I have NO concept of that because the team members that God's given me over here are a.w.e.s.o.m.e! Allow me to give you an example.

Last year we were preparing to send a container over. On that container I included a solar fridge. That's right. I'm very trendy now!

Meet John, Kaysie, and their son Aden.

John is a solar engineer and despite the fact that I'm incredibly handy at installing and maintaining all sorts of things, I decided I'd let him mess with my fridge. John and Kaysie have been incredibly busy for the last couple of months so they decided they needed a little vacation.
They are such good friends that they used a good portion of their vacation to load up their car with my (and my neighbor's) solar fridge and make the brutal drive up to my village.
John then proceeded to spend the next 3 days on my very literal hot tin roof, rummaging around in my attic of 130 degrees and living in a fish bowl while all the kids within a 20 mile radius congregated on my front porch to watch all the action. Throw this in with the fact that
they accidentally forgot their suitcase so had no clothes of their own've got some pretty good friends!!

John up on my neighbors roof (did I mention he installed a whole system for her too???)

After John put in many a long day, we were ready for the dedication by putting our first item in the fridge. A most important item!

It's a beautiful sight!

In the last week I have enjoyed magnificent cold water. It really does make all the difference. In fact, the cold water combined with delicious Crystal Light caused me to have to limit my liquids...for the first time ever! I'm also enjoying cold powdered milk which is much better than warm powdered milk, and am able to save my leftovers. Truly life changing! So thank you thank you thank you John and Kaysie!! You guys are amazing!


  1. Hello Emily! I am amazed and humbled as I read your blog. Thank you for sharing! So happy for you as you enjoy your chilled milk :) Looking forward to reading more of your blog! Much love and prayer- (specifically for the people you interact with who still need to meet Jesus and know His Love!) -Rachel