Saturday, June 17, 2017

Home Sweet Salone

Today marks one official week that we’ve been back in Sierra Leone.  All in all we are doing really well as a family to the adjustment!  Our flight was awesome (much better than my flight to the States alone, pregnant and with two kids!)  Peter and I were able to tag-team and although we still didn’t sleep the entire way, our kids did…..which makes everyone happier. J  Shout out to my new favorite airline (KLM) and airport (Amsterdam).  We got to sit in the bulk head the entire way so Haddie could lay down in her little bed and we all got extra leg room! The airport had a play area for the kiddos so they ran around with the other kids there until they dropped and slept a lot of the second leg.  All in all, not bad at all!
No sleep + play area= really tired kiddos in the airport

As we’ve come to expect the missionary life to be, our re-entry into the field was bitter sweet. We celebrated rejoining some of our friends and grieved those who had returned home while we were away.  Marie was thrilled to be reunited with her best bud who lives on our compound and Ben……he was excited to be around the puppies. He. Loves. The. Dogs. 

All the jet lag seems to have done Haddie some good as she’s slept through the night for the first time the last three nights!! Mommy and Daddy are HAPPY about that!!!

It took me awhile to get all our stuff unpacked but I’m feeling better about the state of my house and we are ready to rock and roll with visitors! We have a pastor vising here who will start teaching at the Bible Institute on Monday.  Monday we will receive a couple coming to help with the orphanage and my dad comes on Friday.  Busy, busy busy! But we’re so excited about the things that are happening!

Playing with dolls in every country....this time at 2am courtesy of jet lag
Other things the same in every country......toddlers
We went to visit the kiddos at Grace Village to introduce them to Haddie.  They were excited to meet her and of course commented on how fat she was.  To that effect they also commented on how my “body is fine….” Which is translated “Wow, you’re big!!”  Got it kids….thanks for noticing.  Fortunately my nightly ice cream ritual is a distant memory now so….the Sierra Leonean diet has begun!
Ben of course, went straight for the new puppy

Minus the lack of chocolate chip mint ice-cream, we  are really glad to be back!


  1. Yay!!! So fun to read your update! I just happened to be online & saw this! Way to rock the unpacking & blogging at the same time. You go, girl. Say hi to everyone for us!

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