Sunday, September 13, 2015

Everybody load up!! It's time to go!

It's 5:30am here.  We're going to Sierra Leone in 2 days!!!  I just had one of those nights where you toss and turn all night because your brain just refuses to stop running.  Thankfully, Ben woke up early and put me out of my misery.  This is part of the reason for my "no brain shut off."  Lots left to do!

This is our "packing room."  It's become our "dumping room."  Oops.
I remember when I was single and every time I went somewhere I was pretty much packed a week before my trip.  I would actually end up having to UNpack because I jumped the gun and needed things that I had already packed away.  We're moving to Sierra Leone for several years in 2 days.  Want to guess how many of our 7 bags I have packed right now?  Hint:  Less than one.

In two days our family is embarking on our next great adventure.  I've begun doing all of my "lasts."  Last time I'll do this, last time I'll see this person, last time I'll eat that.  Incidentally even my husband has been Americanized a bit.  Last week we were driving by some corn fields and he said, "Oh that corn!  I'm going to miss that sweet corn!  *pause*  And microwaves.  I'm going to miss our microwave." :)

It's been a long season of waiting and we are so excited to take this next step.  I lay awake thinking about all the different opportunities we're going to have while we're over there.  I'm excited to get to watch my husband take on this new challenge of his job.  I think about expanding the well drilling and the Bible Institute and am so antsy to get back!  And honestly, I'm excited to be settled somewhere!  Do a little nesting!  We have been SO blessed to get to live cheap by staying in a camper in my parents' backyard for the last several months's a weekend camper.  No space to hang the family photos.  Last night I spent an hour picking out material to make curtains for our new house.  After making a decision that I'm fairly certain would end up on a "pintrest fail" website with colors and patterns being all crazy, I proceeded to buy some "no sew" stuff because.....who am I kidding.  If I have to sew those curtains by hand they're never going to get done.

There are of course times when I get emotional thinking about all the people we're leaving behind.  That's always the hardest part.  The people.  Last week I was sorting through a bunch of our stuff and stumbled upon some notes that people sent while I was in the process of getting custody of Marie.  I started crying.  (Obviously.  That's what I do.)  It was so sweet to remember all the people that supported me during that time.  However,  the thing that resonated with me the most was how much Jesus loves me.  He has used so many people to remind me of that fact.  My world is changing so much.  Even though I've lived over there for years, going over there as a wife and mom of 2 (one of them being a baby...a tiny little baby just waiting for me to "break" him) seems so new.  So different. So many more things to think about. It's easy for fear to begin to wedge it's way into my heart and mind and threaten to take my joy.  But when I think about Jesus and the fact that even though I'm leaving a lot of my security in the States, I'm not going alone but with an incredible Helper, I have peace.  And joy!  So much joy!

Thank you for being a part of that!  The Lord has used so many of you to remind me that we're not alone and that He will provide what we need, wherever we are.  

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  1. So good to hear that the peace of Christ is ruling your heart, resulting in much joy, when it could so easily (understandably!) be anxiousness & fear. Praying for the Lord's great help in all that you have to do, and for your peace in Him to continue to guard you.
    Hugs to you <3, Karna