Tuesday, August 19, 2014

This virus!!

The other morning I walked into my house after a night of working in the ER and I had one of those moments of absolute bliss. You know those moments? They’re not common, but when they happen you think “There is no way my life could possibly get better.” My adorable daughter was snoozing away and I climbed into bed with my wonderful, happily sleeping new hubby.  I’d had a great night at work where I’d had plenty of supplies, tons of resources, and best of all a doctor who was WAY more knowledgeable than me.  It had just been fun! Blissful. 
Not only was my little fam sleeping, but I saw that Marie and my niece had put the.....toilet plunger to bed. Complete with blankie. 

I took a nap and woke up to the sounds of my hubby and daughter playing together.  I got on the computer and did what I do most every morning (or in this case afternoon) which is look for any update on the Ebola situation in West Africa.  The bliss was immediately gone.  The situation isn’t getting better. More new cases. More violence.  More pleas for help.   My heart was being torn in two.  Again.  I want to be there!! I’m not supposed to be here! I’m supposed to be there, in one of the space suits, fixing this whole situation!!  They need me!!!!  It’s an inner struggle that I deal with several times over the course of any day. 

Yesterday Peter and I got in an eh hem….discussion.  I was upset at his lack of……frustration.  I’m tormented about this. I’m constantly researching, talking, thinking, praying, trying to figure out what we can do. Should we go back?!? How would that be possible? We’d need new tickets, how would we pay for it?  What would that even look like? What about Marie? What about this? What about that? On and on and on. 

I see his crestfallen face when we read something new.  I see the e-mails that say they’ve added money to our Skype account yet again because he’s calling so much to check in.  Last week he stopped eating for a day and a half.  I know his heart is heavy.  So WHY ISN’T HE FREAKING OUT LIKE ME?!?!?!!? 

I realized that I wanted to see him stewing and fretting like I was.  I wanted him to be worried and constantly looking for a way for us to go “save the day.”  That’s just how ridiculous I am.  He gently reminded me that we didn’t plan for this.  We were planning on being in Sierra Leone by this time but as of now, they’ve cancelled our flights.  We don’t know why God allows these things to happen, but why fight against it?  He can see things that we can’t.  (I think I’ve heard that somewhere else before…..)  Oh this husband that God’s given me.  Such a quiet, calm and rational balance to my somewhat frantic, emotional exuberance. 

And he’s right.  This isn’t what either of us would have chosen and we’re both waiting for an opportunity to go back.  But for now we’re here.  And I’ve started counting the blessings I have in being here. There are a lot!! 
Peter and I have been brainstorming for a while about the best ways to serve and love the Sierra Leonean people from afar.  And we are getting excited!!  The details are being finalized for an operation that would involve supporting the churches in two of the districts hit hardest by the Ebola virus.  People in the church are dying and their family members are suffering.  They need food. They need water. They need cleaning supplies.  What an incredible opportunity we have as the body of Christ to stand with our Brothers and Sisters across the world and show them that they’re not alone!!  We haven’t forgotten them!!  Most of us will probably never meet them, but they are still our family!!  I get tears in my eyes just writing this!

But it doesn’t end with the Church!!  What if that was just the starting point?  We are going to help the local church reach out to its community by providing food, cleaning supplies, and other necessities to those people who need it most!  We can empower this church that is hurting and grieving to rise up and share Jesus with their community that is also suffering and grieving.  From thousands of miles away we can reach out to the Church and the communities that these churches serve.  It’s exciting stuff!! So excited to get to be the hands and feet of Jesus. 
If you’re interested in getting on board, you can make checks out to:

Willamette International
PO Box 772
Albany, OR 97321

*Just put “Ebola” in the memo line
If you’re looking for other ways to give, Doctors Without Borders is an awesome organization that’s been spearheading the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone. Their website says that they can’t earmark money for Sierra Leone, but they were able to even begin working there because people had donated before so I think that’s a good option.  Samaritan’s Purse is also working heavily in Liberia and I’m sure would love any support we could give them. 

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