Friday, October 5, 2012

Meet Valentina!

Meet Valentina.  

Valentina is Awesome!!

She is a nurse from Chile who came over to Sierra Leone in February to help with one of the medical teams.  One of our goals as a team here is to help mobilize the Chilean church in sending out their own missionaries.  After earnestly praying for this for several years, Valentina coming for that medical team was the first step we saw in that direction. Since that time we’ve had a family from Chile move here to join our team and several more Chileans are interested in coming over. 

Valentina is one of those people interested in serving here.  Her goal right now is to come for six months and get a feel for the ministry, what God’s doing over here, how her gifts and talents can best be used, etc.  I wish you all could meet her and spend an hour just talking with her.  She is one of those people with such a tender and compassionate heart that it makes me want to be like her when I grow up.  When she found out that she was going to be able to come over for the medical team she immediately started studying English and in just a couple months was doing so great that by the end of the week long medical clinic she was attempting to see patients without the English/Spanish translator.  Rock star!
Valentina helping with a mini surgery while she was here

As you might imagine, while the Chilean church is ready and excited to begin sending out their own missionaries, they are not in the financial place that the American church is.  This is where I’m making my appeal.  Valentina has raised a significant part of the support that she needs, but is still in need of some monthly support.  If God so moves on your heart, we’d love you to consider partnering with Valentina as she makes her plans to come over.  Thank you so so much!!  

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