Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Three weeks already!!

Little ham cheesing it up for the camera

Today marks my 3 week anniversary with “my” little one.  As an ode to that, I thought I would jot down a few things I’ve learned/ways my world has changed/things about Kadiatu. 
1.        There’s a commercial for a TV show that was on for a while that always made me laugh.  It was a cartoon and the mother was in bed sleeping. The little kid walked into the room and said, “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. MOM. MOM. MOM! MOM! MOM!!!!!!!!!!  Finally the mom yells WHAT!?!??!?!  The kid quietly says, “hi.”  Ha! That is my world now.  Emily. Emily. Emily. EMILY. EMILY!!!  Fantasies of her sitting quietly in the morning eating her plumpy nut while I read my Bible are just that….fantasies. I’m SURE I never needed all that attention when I was that age. Right Mom???  J
2.       I never knew that someone could pee so much.  During our first few days of adjustment there were definitely times when I did something Kadiatu didn’t like, she looked right at me like she wanted to beat me…..and promptly peed on the floor.  That was a bit frustrating.  We’re still having lots of accidents, but I’ve decided that it’s most likely due to the fact that her belly is really big and we’re getting rid of all the extra fluid in there.  Also, like a pregnant woman with those big bellies, when she has to go, she has to go NOW!  Laundry days can’t come soon enough! I think I shall forever smell like urine.
3.       I have never ever thought it was cute when little kids cop an attitude and get mad.  But with her, sometimes I just burst out laughing because the expressions she gives me are just hilarious! I think some things must get lost in translation because sometimes she will just turn on a dime and be happy and laughing, then in the next second shooting lasers at me with her eyes.  She will also look right at me and blink really slow.  One of my friends said she reminds him of the girl on “Mean Girls.”  Attitude!  Pick your battles, Emily. Pick your battles.  
4.       After 3 weeks, I have finally definitively determined the word for “poop” and “pee” in little one’s language.  Three weeks.  To learn 2 words.  Important words.  There’s a chance I don’t really have an ear for languages…..
5.       This girl is spoiled rotten.  Since I take her to the hospital with me all the time, everyone gets to know her. That, along with the fact that she’s just really cute makes people want to give her all sorts of things.  She’s quite the ham and I think she’s up to about 15 husbands and is constantly coming to me with things people have given her.  She’s just so stinkin cute. Who can resist??
6.        Kadiatu is not a morning person.  Oftentimes it takes her about 45 minutes in the morning for her to get out of her funk and be the happy little girl that she usually is.  It’s a long 45 minutes. Especially when you’re trying to keep her from waking your roommate up.  There is a moment though, when she first wakes up and I go to her bed to free her from her mosquito net that I love.  As she crawls to me and reaches out to hug me….precious. Just precious. 
7.       Kadi is definitely a girly girl.  She likes wearing dresses more than pants (which is nice with the “lots of urinating” problem and loves having her fingernails painted.  She would repaint them every day if I’d let her.  Also, she loves pockets.
8.       She’s an African girl! I love when she “plays house” and it obviously has it’s Sierra Leonean twist.  She’s brooked (handwashed) her baby’s clothes, walked around with my bread on her head yelling “HOT BREAD” trying to sell it , built a fire to cook (no matches of course), and pounded various leaves to “cook.”  So cute!

My life has changed pretty drastically over the last 3 weeks. I can’t say there aren’t times when I can’t wait to have my life back, but praise Jesus it’s getting better. We’re learning to communicate better and even though I have no idea what she’s saying about 80% of the time, I’m fortunate that a simple “uh huh!” will usually do. 

Today Kadi’s mom came to visit the hospital to get the nutrition supply for her son.  I went down to the hospital to take Kadi to her and when we saw her mom, she got really shy and hid behind me.  When I went to leave to give them some time together she started following me. I told her to stay with her mom and made myself scarce for awhile.  When I walked by later she was sitting there chatting with her mom and brother.  It made me a little nervous because we’re only 3 weeks into the 8 weeks.  I don’t want to scar her and I don’t want to hurt her mom. I know that in the long run she’ll adjust fine to being back home.  She has adjusted well to coming here, and it’s completely different, so I know she’ll eventually be fine back in her village. Today just made me start to pray already for her adjustment back.  

Now for your viewing pleasure (or maybe just my viewing pleasure)'s some pics of the little darling.
She made this little bed for herself so she and her baby could relax and watch my neighbor wash her clothes.  So helpful. 

Enjoying rainy season.  When we have to walk to the hospital in the rain I  chant "Are we afraid of the rain????  NO!!!!"
Someone gave her this piece of cloth and she wore it like this almost all day. We weren't sure if she was  Mary Magdalene or showcasing her Muslim heritage.  Either way, she went around bowing and greeting everyone in her native language all day.
Like a good mother, she is breastfeeding her baby.  You may notice that her form is perfect.....
Taking advantage of her 50th invitation to join one of the patients families for chop time.

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