Friday, January 13, 2012

Back again, back again, jiggity jig

Well, 30+ hours later I am back in my sweet Sierra Leone....with weird, mixed emotions. On the way over I had a sense of fear that I hadn't felt in a long time. I know it's because I was leaving everything that was comfortable and familiar and even though I've lived in Sierra Leone for a while's just so different! And kind of scary sometimes. :)However, when I felt that old fear coming I started thinking of how incredibly faithful God has been to me and that even though I felt like I was alone, I definitely WAS NOT! Deep breath, ok, all better. :)

I was expecting to get blown away by the heat when I got off the plane, but it was actually pleasant! I had to turn the AC off on the way home because it was too cold. Now that's just crazy talk!

I finally fell asleep around 1am and slept until 11am (I'd missed 2 nights of sleep while flying, so cut me some slack) when I was awakened by a gaggle of kids jumping on me. Apparently Aden (John and Kaysie's 6 month old and the future husband of my niece) couldn't wait to see me. :)

Today I relaxed a little, made some phone calls to some people to let them know I'm back and pretty much just tried to stay awake so I can sleep tonight (ALMOST made it!)

When I went to greet our day guard I got the comment I knew would come. "Oh Emily, you body fin-o" said while flexing his muscles. What this means is, "Emily! You got chubby while you were gone!!" I know they mean it as a compliment but...well, yeah. But what could he expect? The combination of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, my birthday the knowledge that I have a brief window to eat everything delicious, and cable television well...the pounds just come on easily that way!! Fortunately Jillian Michaels could hardly prescribe a better diet plan than living in Sierra Leone so...I'll just chuckle away at the comments and thank God for keeping me humble. :)

It's good to be back!!!!!!! :)

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  1. Emily, you are too cute! So glad you made it safely and your luggage too. YOu are in our prayers and we love to read your blog!