Monday, July 11, 2011

Snapshots of my life....

Here are a few snapshots I've taken over the last couple of weeks. Enjoy. :)

Every morning I do rounds in the pediatric ward. The kiddos are usually about this age. And they're usually terrified of me. I've gotten really good and listening to lung sounds while kiddos are screaming. The other day though, I met this little chica. Totally NOT afraid and very snuggly!! I may or may not have carried her around with me for an hour or so while I worked. Good day! :)

The neighborhood boys have discovered my fear/loathing of snakes. So now they bring me every snake they find after they've killed it.....just to torture me. I kind of like it. :)

A few weeks ago the pump that pumps our water was struck by lightening and destroyed. This week we ran out of water. We have a big tank in front of our house but couldn't find anyone with the key to open it. Fortunately, the top of the tank blew off in a storm so we got some neighbor boys to climb up and give us water from the top.

The next day no neighbor boys could be I did it. :)

Sierra Leonean lawn mower! Hard hard work, but I'm very thankful because snakes just love hiding in tall grass!

Whenever we do any baking with flour we sift it first to get all the bugs and their larvae (is that the right word?) out first. It's gross....but a little bit fun too. Instant gratification!

These are my boss's two nephews. They came over to visit the other day and we had a photo shoot. The littlest one was the primary photographer.

This little guy showed up in our house the other night. It was seriously the BIGGEST cockroach I have EVER seen! And it flies!! Unfortunately as soon as we saw it the lights went out so then we were trying to find it with a flashlight. I saw it behind the table and as I bent down to take a picture my roommate sprayed it with bug spray. I thought the bug was spraying me and I screamed bloody murder and jumped back. But we got the last word! I love bug spray!

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