Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maybe the coolest thing ever.

So I just had to post a little ammendment to my blog about "Ali." I took Ali to meet his dad in Freetown the other day and decided to stop by my favorite beach. I knew Ali lived next to a river but I didn't know if he'd ever seen the ocean before. I'm so glad we stopped!!!

Ali sitting and enjoying the view. He also made a little friend that followed him everywhere he went. Ali throwing his bottle into the ocean to see if it will come back
We started seeing the ocean as we were driving along the road and he started freaking out about how big it was. "Eh! It's so big! It's so big! Wow, SO big!!!" When we got the the beach he was initially afraid to put his feet in but I held onto his arm and kind of made him. :) Then he loved it! He asked a ton of questions like "Do the waves do this all the time?" "Do the boats turn over while they're catching fish?" "If we throw something into the water will the waves bring it back to us?"

A few days before this we'd been having a conversation about Jesus and Ali started telling me everything he knew about Him. He started asking me if I'd heard all these stories about Jesus and one of the ones he mentioned was when Jesus calmed the sea. While we were at the beach I asked him now if he understood why the disciples had been so afraid. We then talked about whether or not we thought we could calm this sea. He said "Let's try" and then proceeded to shout at the waves "YOU STOP THERE! Hey! Stop right there! No, we cannot stop them!" :) Super precious!

Anyway, if you ever have the chance to take someone to see the ocean for the first time, I highly recomment it! :)I'm not even kidding the only pictures I could get of him smiling were when we were at the beach. I think it's cause he couldn't wipe the smile off! :)

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