Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Ali" Part 2

Well, after some telephone troubles I was finally able to talk to the doctor in charge of Ali's care today. He's doing great!! It turns out that he had a spiral fracture of his tibia and fibula (both the bones in his lower leg). There was a small chip missing but other than that, it was a clean break. It had about a 2 in. overlap. They were able to do some traction and cast it and he's good to go until the beginning of May when he gets it off. He's enjoying himself at the hosptial and doesn't want to go home yet (we think it's probably in large part because he remembers his painful ride over). So he's doing well! He was pleasantly suprised that the tribe in the area was nice to him and that the Christians weren't at all mad when his dad went to the mosque to pray. Nice. :)

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