Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Month!

Well, this Friday marks my one month anniversary in Sierra Leone. Hard to believe! At home I volunteered with an organization called Young Life. The leaders met every week but once a month we'd have a big group meeting in which we talked about the awesome things God had done in the last month. We called them "yea God's." :)
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In honor of that tradition and my one month anniversary here, I'd like to share some of the "yea God!'s" that I've experienced so far!
I arrived in the airport safely and with all my luggage.
I found the guy who was supposed to pick me up from the airport (even though the sign said "Amy Winehouse) instead of "Emily." Chad.....
Although they threatened to leave me at the airport because I brought more than two bags, the water taxi people didn't abandon me and I made it to the right landing station.
I am living with a GREAT family!
Our team here is growing in our relationships with each other and in our vision for WMT
God has humbled me in several ways already!
I haven't gotten sick.
I am able to talk with my family (even if it's only over e-mail) almost every day!
I can still get on Facebook. :)
My little friend Owen got sick with Malaria last week. His mom ran out of ibuprofen the day he was diagnosed....which was also the day someone from the States came and brought her a lot more....that we had asked for weeks ago!
After just a few days, little Owen is back to his old self.
I've gone to the beach three times since arriving (it's our favorite weekend activity).
We have a medical team coming at the end of the week.
I went to an international service and there "happened" to be a doctor there who runs the hospital I'll be going to. It was both of our first time at the service (although she's been in country for 3 years) and we sat right next to each other. I got to pick her brain about what I'll be doing next month.
He loves me....this I know! Yea God!!


  1. One...two...three...Yea God!!! Can't believe it has been a month! Love you :)

  2. I can't believe it's been a month either. Bummed I won't be coming tomorrow but glad Lois and Dad will be able to give you a big hug for me!